Presentation Language.

Presentation Language are Turkish and English. All full text must be written in English.


Abstracts should be no more than 300-word long. Should be in  English language.

Up to seven (7) keywords, in alphabetical order and separated by commas, should be included in the text following the abstract. Keywords must be different than what already appears in the title.


Body Text

  1. a) Full text must be written in English and should be no more than 20 pages
  2. b) Use American or British English and articles must be typed in Microsoft Word program and page structures should be organized as follows:

Page Size

A4 vertical

Top Margin

3 cm

Bottom Margin

3 cm

Left Margin

3 cm

Right Margin

3 cm

Fisrt line of each paragraph

1 cm

Block quotations (right and left)

1 cm


Times New Roman

Font Type Style


Size of Normal Text


Size of Abstract


Size of Block Quotations


Size of Foot Note


Space Between Paragraphs

Before 0 nk, after 6 nk

Space Between Lines



  1. c)Page numbers, details such as headers and footers must not be included in the articles.
  2. d)The main title must be written in capital, bold letters. Subtitles should be written in lower case, except the first letters. Titles should be numbered except for entry, result and bibliography.
  3. e)The articles must prepared on the basis of APA Style (6th Edition, Notes and Bibliography)